Summer Fruit Picking

If you've been greeted by the beautiful summer weather in Melbourne, here's a wonderful activity that the whole family will love to do - pick your own berries and cherries. 🙂 Many berry and cherry fields can be found in some of the most picturesque locations in Yarra valley, Silvan and Red hill townships in … Continue reading Summer Fruit Picking

Into the Wilderness -Sherbrooke Falls and Birdsland Reserve

Located in the southern part of Dandenong Mountain ranges in Melbourne, these two wonderful places can easily be covered by a short day trip. This would be perfect, even for a family with little kids as this journey takes you through beautiful natural habitats and the kids will never get bored of exploring and collecting … Continue reading Into the Wilderness -Sherbrooke Falls and Birdsland Reserve

Let your mind free – Cardinia reservoir park walk

For the first in more than 100 days in hard lockdown, we are finally free to go out within 25 Km of radius from home. Well, sounds like it's a small distance of travelling but this means a lot to us 🙂 and this is something very important that living in a Covid world has … Continue reading Let your mind free – Cardinia reservoir park walk

Blue Rock Lake Walks

After spending many weeks of social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's good to be free again for a quick drive around somewhere in this beautiful country. And definitely, not to be missed a beautiful Autumn day like today with plenty of sunshine and soothing temperatures. So, we set off to a place called … Continue reading Blue Rock Lake Walks

Amazing world underground – Buchan Caves

Located just about 355Km East of Melbourne is this beautiful Buchan Caves Reserve. This area is a lovely getaway for experiencing wilderness, bush walking and camping. But most of all, this is the place where you should be heading to witness an amazing world underneath us: the famous Buchan Caves. There have been many caves … Continue reading Amazing world underground – Buchan Caves

Blogger Recognition Award for Indi’s Page

It is with heartfelt gratitude I'm writing this post. I've been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by one of my most favourite bloggers, Aiva and Valters of "OurCrossings". Thank You So Much "OurCrossings", you made my day, I'm so happy and excited. 🙂 I love "OurCrossings" blog for its highly valuable content about beautiful … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award for Indi’s Page

Marlo – A wonderful place to be

Devastating bush fires have already destroyed much of the beautiful landscapes and wild life in the East Gippsland region in Australia. This is a region that every year thousands of holiday makers wish to visit and stay relaxed during their most awaited summer break. Just before the horrible fires smashed the holiday plans of thousands … Continue reading Marlo – A wonderful place to be

Arther’s Seat – A Bird’s Eye View of the Beautiful Ocean

This is another favourite travel destination of my family for a quick weekend get away. Arther's seat is a beautiful mountainous spot located on the Mornington peninsula which is about 85Km south-east of Melbourne. Along the the way to the mountain top, there are several viewpoints to have a good look at all those breath … Continue reading Arther’s Seat – A Bird’s Eye View of the Beautiful Ocean


Who wouldn't love a nice relaxing walk in a beautiful park? Well, in Melbourne there are so many wonderful parks to roam around to suit your every mood and setting. Me and my family love spending time in a park especially during the weekend as it can do wonders to save us from the busy … Continue reading BEAUTIFUL PARKS TO ROAM AROUND – 1


Travelling always brings happiness and inspiration for me and it can lift me up whenever I feel down or stressed. I hope everyone who loves to travel a lot will also agree that travelling makes your heart filled with true happiness and gratitude. I love capturing those beautiful things along the way and add them … Continue reading FOR THE INSPIRING SOUL – 1