Blue Rock Lake Walks

After spending many weeks of social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s good to be free again for a quick drive around somewhere in this beautiful country. And definitely, not to be missed a beautiful Autumn day like today with plenty of sunshine and soothing temperatures. So, we set off to a place called Blue Rock lake in Willow Grove, not very far from our home.

Willow Grove is a small rural community with picturesque views all around and it is the home for the beautiful Blue Rock Lake. Just the sight of the serene, deep blue waters of this magnificent lake made us feel so relaxed and content. But, there’s much more in here that the whole family can enjoy anytime of the year.

Blue Rock Lake and the surrounding green hills

We mostly enjoyed the peaceful lake walk feeling the cool, fresh breeze against us. And there were places to step into the lake safely and have fun with a little bit of water play which was the favourite thing of my little ones. Many people visit this place for fishing, kayaking , boating and swimming too.

Walking path at a distance

Natural beauty around the lake

Blue rock lake dam

After finishing the lake walk, we took a short drive to the dam and spillway, which was again a wonderful place, not only for its incredible views of the surroundings but also for its educational value. This hydro power plant plays an important role contributing for the Victoria state’s main power grid. Its clean energy production is very environmental friendly in contrast to the coal power generation which we could observe at a distance from here.

Hydro power plant and also the coal power plant at a distance
Road above the dam
Spillway of the Blue Rock Dam

This whole area around Blue Rock lake and Willow grove was so calm and beautiful , so I think this is a wonderful place to lay back and relax with a family picnic to brighten up your day with good cheer and smiles.

As always, wish you all, Happy travelling & Stay safe πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Blue Rock Lake Walks

  1. Wow, you live in such a beautiful part of the world! We went for a quick drive today too and it was such a fantastic feeling to see sights beyond our neighborhood! Things are starting to get back to normal in Ireland with many garden and hardware shops opening its doors for the first time. Hopefully people will use common sense, wouldn’t want to see numbers soar again. Thanks for sharing and have a good Sunday 😊 Aiva

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    1. Thanks so much Aiva. 😊 It’s good to hear that things are getting better in your country too. Hope everyone will do their best sensibly so all can live free and happy soon. Have a lovely day. Take care😊

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