Let your mind free – Cardinia reservoir park walk

For the first in more than 100 days in hard lockdown, we are finally free to go out within 25 Km of radius from home. Well, sounds like it’s a small distance of travelling but this means a lot to us 🙂 and this is something very important that living in a Covid world has taught us – never take things for granted and be grateful even for the littlest blessings we receive in our lives.

Without wasting a day, we went to this beautiful Cardinia Reservoir Park for a quick, yet refreshing nature walk that I’m sure everyone would like to experience.

View from the dam

This is a park with vast open lands and numerous walking tracks and trails can be seen in every direction. We chose the walk on the dam wall which took us around one hour to complete the return trip. This is a very relaxing walk with panoramic views of the reservoir from one side and the beautiful nature and wild life from the other.

Vast open lands overlooking the beautiful reservoir
View from the dam wall overlooking numerous walking tracks and trails

Kangaroo viewing trail

This is one of the most popular trails in this park where you will have a good chance of spotting kangaroos hopping by and feeding themselves among the bushes. It is also a great habitat for numerous other wild birds , insects, plants and flowers that you will never get bored of exploring.

A curious kangaroo looking at us
Nature trails

Moreover, Cardinia Reservoir park has plenty of picnic grounds and a good playground too for the little ones to get busy with hours of fun.

Finally, I must say, this is a fantastic park with all sorts of activities that the whole family can enjoy for hours and one visit is not definitely enough to explore everything.

Most of all, a walk in this park will set your mind free from all stresses and fill it up with pure and happy thoughts to bring up a smile on your face. 🙂

Like always, my wish for all my dear readers is, spend more time with nature, be happy and stay safe! 🙂

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