Into the Wilderness -Sherbrooke Falls and Birdsland Reserve

Located in the southern part of Dandenong Mountain ranges in Melbourne, these two wonderful places can easily be covered by a short day trip.

This would be perfect, even for a family with little kids as this journey takes you through beautiful natural habitats and the kids will never get bored of exploring and collecting nature’s treasures…

Kids love exploring beautiful nature and collecting treasures

sherbrooke falls

From the car park to Sherbrooke falls, it is just about 1.5Km (one-way) journey through the woods. Although the path is rough and unpaved, the good thing is that, it is fairly easy to walk or even push a baby stroller along the way.

Tall , shady trees and cool breeze make it possible to visit Sherbrooke falls even on a really hot summer day.

Path through the woods
variety of beautiful ferns
Blooming wild flowers
Sherbrooke falls

Birdsland reserve

As the name suggests, this calm and nice reserve is the home for lots of beautiful native birds.

There are plenty of walking/cycling tracks and trails to explore with picnic grounds and BBQ facilities to keep you refreshed and entertained any time of the day.

The spectacular views of two large lakes in the middle of this reserve make this place even more beautiful and relaxing . Hence, perfect for getting fit with a nice walk or simply enjoying a lovely evening by yourself with birds calling all around to keep you company.

I hope this little note of mine, will help someone to plan a short day trip around Melbourne and I hope it will make your day a happy one with lots of lovely memories and smiles.

Wish you all, safe and happy travelling!

Take care! 🙂

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