Summer Fruit Picking

If you’ve been greeted by the beautiful summer weather in Melbourne, here’s a wonderful activity that the whole family will love to do – pick your own berries and cherries. πŸ™‚

Many berry and cherry fields can be found in some of the most picturesque locations in Yarra valley, Silvan and Red hill townships in Melbourne. Usually, the drive to these locations will take you through many scenic routes along the green fields , hills and valleys.

Me and my family visited a berry field named “Jay Berries” situated in Wandin, Yarra valley, which is about one hour drive from Melbourne.

Usually crowded car parks

During summer fruit picking season, these berry farms attract many visitors. Hence, it is best to visit the farm as early as possible in the morning and there’s a good chance that you’ll get to pick a good amount of best ripened berries in the morning.

Yummiest strawberries straight from the bush
Berry fields surrounded by green hills

Not only the strawberry fields are so pretty to look at but also the taste of these juicy fruits is out of the world that is simply incomparable with what we usually buy from super markets.

Blueberry picking

These berry farms allow many varieties of berries to be picked and in this farm we also picked a basket full of fresh and tasty blueberries.

Finally, I must say, being with the nature in a berry field was so relaxing and the taste of the freshly picked fruits was so satisfying. I think that this is a kind of experience that everyone of the family would love in every summer in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

May you find many more happy moments in life with happy and safe travelling.

Take care!


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