Stunning RedWood Forest and Yarra River Walk

Melbourne’s summer days are warm and beautiful. But, it can sometimes get too hot that outside picnics wouldn’t be so desirable.

Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful places that you can still visit even on a really hot day keeping you cool and refreshed for a long time.

Warburton is such a calm and quiet township in Melbourne’s north-east surrounded by beautiful, elevated landscapes , hills and rainforests.

Redwood forest

This was our first destination, located within a just short drive from Warburton town. A plantation with majestic Californian redwood trees, one of the best places to visit on a hot summer day.

Being a part of the mighty Yarra Ranges National Park, the moment we stepped into this mystical forest , we could instantly feel the cool and fresh smell these trees.

Under the cool shade of Redwood trees
Room to run and play
Among the trees
Bottom to top view of Redwood trees

Stepping out of the Redwood forest, we continued our journey through the Yarra Ranges National Park where the famous Yarra River starts its life as a small stream.

Yarra River runs as a small stream through the forest
Exploring tracks and trails of the forest

Yarra River walk

We can view and feel the crystal clear waters of beautiful Yarra River in its upper reaches here , where it’s seen more like a spectacular stream before it flows downstream into the well known mighty river in Melbourne.

This walk along the banks of Yarra River is a gentle and easy 5 Km loop walk which is pretty much accessible to the most.

There are plenty of cafes in the town to fuel you up for the walk and many benches and picnic spots along the way to encourage relaxation and spending more time with the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

spectacular views along the river
Feel the crystal clear water from the stream
Benches to relax by the river
More places to catch your breath

So, this marks the memories of another lovely day trip in beautiful Melbourne. Hope everyone is staying happy and safe in this summer holiday.

Wish you all a beautiful day and take care! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stunning RedWood Forest and Yarra River Walk

  1. Great post and beautiful photos, Indi. Standing at the base of Earth’s tallest tree, the coast redwood, is one of life’s most humbling and amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. I hope all is well. Aiva 🙂

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