Welcome to Relaxation – COWES beach in Phillip Island

If there is one place that my kids would love to travel again and again, that would be the beautiful sea side. So once again, on one bright summer morning, it was their idea to go to the beach. This time, we chose the famouse  Cowes beach in Phillip Island in Melbourne, Australia. After driving just for … Continue reading Welcome to Relaxation – COWES beach in Phillip Island

KILCUNDA Lovely Coastal Walks

It’s amazing how such a tiny town has so much to share with its tourists. You would feel the same if you visit Kilcunda, which is one of the tiny coastal towns, situated about 117Km away from Melbourne CBD. This small town is nice and calm with a small, friendly, local community. Kilcunda town centre … Continue reading KILCUNDA Lovely Coastal Walks

Beautiful Bendigo City

It's been raining the whole week in the area where we live and so we desperately wanted a getaway to a sunnier, warmer place where the children could play and enjoy. We checked the weather app and found that, although so many other towns were having the same rainy, gloomy weather, Bendigo was full of … Continue reading Beautiful Bendigo City