Welcome to Relaxation – COWES beach in Phillip Island

If there is one place that my kids would love to travel again and again, that would be the beautiful sea side. So once again, on one bright summer morning, it was their idea to go to the beach. This time, we chose the famouse  Cowes beach in Phillip Island in Melbourne, Australia.

After driving just for one hour from our home, we could witness the breath taking views along the way to Phillip Island with the amazingly blue ocean from one side and vibrantly green hills and valleys from the other.

Cowes beach is located at the northern boundary of Phillip Island. Cowes town is a small but well stuffed town with many restaurants ,cafes, super markets and all other necessities to cater the needs of its residents and tourists.

As it was the summer holiday season in Australia, we expected a bit of an overly crowded beach. But luckily, the long stretch of Cowes beach was spacious enough to accomodate so many people without being congested.

Clean and shallow waters at Cowes beach is perfect for water play and bathing even for small kids. Moreover, the beach is clear from rocks and rock pools, hence it makes a safer place for little feet to do plenty of walking and running around.

My kids loved treasure hunting in the beach and Cowes beach was indeed very rich in little treasures of beautiful sea shells. It was really pleasing to see them playing around and making sand castles with lots of smiles and giggle.

Further, for those who fancy a boat ride around the Cowes beach , there’s a jetty from where they can hop on to a boat to explore the sea side.

Foreshore Reserve

Cowes beach , unlike many other beaches, has a beautifully grown, well maintained, foreshore reserve along the long stretch of the beach. there are plenty of large trees for shade and grass to sit on and relax. This was my favourite thing about this lovely beach – Cool and safe spot to relax with my youngest baby , while watching my older kids playing at the beach with my husband.

So it was a well spent day at the beach. Like always, feeling well refreshed and capturing another beautiful memory to cherish upon, we said good byes to the lovely Cowes beach.

Those who love a beautiful and safe beach with a cool shade too, don’t forget, Cowes beach is right there waiting for you.

Happy Travelling! 🙂

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