KILCUNDA Lovely Coastal Walks

It’s amazing how such a tiny town has so much to share with its tourists. You would feel the same if you visit Kilcunda, which is one of the tiny coastal towns, situated about 117Km away from Melbourne CBD. This small town is nice and calm with a small, friendly, local community. Kilcunda town centre has a few but essential shops to cater those needs of its visitors.

The Beaches

Kilcunda, which is rich in nature has three main beautiful beaches. The main beach is near the caravan park, Surf beach near the ancient Trestle bridge and Shelly beach. We found that those beaches were not very crowded and ideal for the whole family to enjoy leisurely away from the hustle and bustle of a typical busy beach. There was also a good children’s playground overlooking the beautiful main Kilcunda beach. This perfect for the kids who want some extra boost to keep them active after playing at the beach.

Rock Pools

In the Surf Beach ,there was a large area of natural rock pools. Amazingly, these rock pools were made of unique rock formations, patterns and colours. Moreover, that was the habitat for various sea creatures. My little ones had tons of fun exploring and learning about rock pools at this beach.

Coastal rail trail

The best thing about Kilcunda, in my opinion, was its lovely set of long coastal walks. Along the beach, over a tressel bridge and above the cliffs were the breathtaking panoramic views all around us . Lucky you, if you can have a nice little walk here around the golden hour at the sunset to witness all the remarkable beauty of Mother Nature at its best.

I must say, we have enjoyed our tour to Kilcunda a lot. I hope you all would like it too, if serene beaches, lovely coastal walks and spectacular views are what you are looking to experience on your favourite holiday.

Cheers! 🙂

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