Beautiful Bendigo City

It’s been raining the whole week in the area where we live and so we desperately wanted a getaway to a sunnier, warmer place where the children could play and enjoy. We checked the weather app and found that, although so many other towns were having the same rainy, gloomy weather, Bendigo was full of sunshine. That made our decision and Just in a few minutes time, all packed and we set off to Bendigo.

Bendigo, the ancient gold town

Bendigo  is located about 150 Km north west of Melbourne. It inherits a very rich history since the discovery of gold mines during 1850s. Even today , we could witness the golden past of Bendigo through beautiful architectural buildings , magnificent churches, carefully planned city and the remains of the gold mines.

Bendigo Talking Tramways

This was one of the unique experiences we had in Bendigo. We spent about an hour riding on a beautifully crafted, refurbished tram. While on the move, we could listen to the story of Bendigo, how it was evolved during the gold rush past. The tram stopped near all the major monuments of the city and explained about each. Homely atmosphere inside the tram helped us to relax well and enjoy the ride through out the city.

Weerona Lake Park

This was my familys’ favourite place to spend the time with nature. Lake Weerona was very picturesque and me and we all went for a walk around the lake enjoying its beauty and viewing many different kinds of birds and ducks near by. Playground at the corner of the park is well equipped and will definitely be loved by the little ones. If you are hungry and need refreshments, there’s a fine dining restaurant too, just around the corner of the lake park.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

That was truly magnificent , the most amazing cathedral that I’ve ever seen so far. Visitors are welcomed to enter the cathedral and admire all those astonishing paintings, structures and statues.

Bendigo Botanic Gardens

We went only to the children’s playground in here as the time was limited to explore the entire garden. The playground was designed in such a way to resemble famous children’s classic “Alice in Wonderland”. Needless to say how much it is loved by the little ones to explore the secret gardens, secret mirrors, music push buttons and many other special designs to keep themselves entertained and thrilled all through out the park. We had a wonderful time there with kids having lots of joys and smiles.

However, we couldn’t visit many of the major attractions in Bendigo this time, such as Rosalind ParkDeborah Gold minesGolden Dragon Museum and many others. We had limited time as it was a day trip. But, we made a promise to ourselves to comeback once again , stay for a few more days and dig and explore this amazing city from the past.

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