Along the Great Alpine Road to the Mountain Wonderland (Victorian Alps)

One thing I love most about Australia is its great diversity in geography and ecosystems. You can find anything from sunny beaches to golden desserts, from green valleys to mountain forests and from dry plateaus to muddy wetlands, and begin your own adventure. This is my travel note about our trip to the Victorian high country along the famous Great Alpine Road.

Victorian alps

This is a region which is worth visiting during any season of the year, as each season is shown up in a very unique way, high up the mountains. Our visit was in Autumn , which was ideal for viewing panoramic views of mountain landscapes and of course, the brightly coloured Autumn leaves.

In winter, these mountain ranges will be totally covered in snow and its the season for opening up all snow resorts and winter games.

In spring and summer, these high plains will be in full bloom, with so many varieties of colourful wild flowers.

the great alpine road

This is one of the must see scenic routes , you will find in Australia. It will take you from Methung to Wangaratta covering a full distance of 339Km, which would take about 5 hours to complete.

The drive through this road, I must say was truly enchanting. And according to my opinion, the best part of this route lies between the small town Dinner plain and the famous tourist destination Bright. This route is rich with so many stunning viewpoints too which will made you feel so grateful to Mother Nature.

dinner plain

This is where we stayed for two nights during our journey. It is a very small village and most of its accommodation and other facilities will be fully functional only during winter. In winter, Dinner plain will come alive with hundreds of tourists and snow games. But in Autumn, you can only feel the remoteness and harmony an isolated village. well, we loved that peacefulness of isolation during our stay in Dinner Plain.


This is the vibrant little town in the hills. Crowned as the best autumn town in Australia. Located in a valley full of autumn trees and other wild flowers and as the name says it all, it becomes so bright during Autumn with yellow, red and orange autumn leaves.

Brightly coloured autumn leaves

Howitt park which is located at the centre of Bright is a main tourist attraction. The walking path along the little stream of the park is very inviting for a relaxed walk with cool fresh air. Kids also love this place a lot, as there are two well equipped playgrounds, out of which one is a water play area.

So, this was the holiday me and my family were awaiting for a long time. A Perfect getaway from busy everyday life to serene, isolated living. And every step of the way along the Great Alpine road from Dinner Plain to Bright ,it felt like we were up above the sky surrounded by a mountain wonderland.

Finally, feeling blessed and grateful for what we have experienced, I wish all my dear readers too , happy and safe travelling to the most amazing places of Mother Earth.

Enjoy…. πŸ™‚

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