Marlo – A wonderful place to be

Devastating bush fires have already destroyed much of the beautiful landscapes and wild life in the East Gippsland region in Australia. This is a region that every year thousands of holiday makers wish to visit and stay relaxed during their most awaited summer break.

Just before the horrible fires smashed the holiday plans of thousands of people, we were lucky to catch a get-away in a peaceful seaside village called Marlo. Still with a heavy heart to see those blazing fires in this area, I’m sharing those special moments of our journey, for anyone wishing to visit this wonderful place one day.

Marlo – Where snowy river meets the ocean

Marlo is located, about 386 Km east of Melbourne and is a beautiful village by the sea. It is also the place where the famous Snowy river finishes its long 352 Km journey and flows into the Southern ocean. It’s a tiny village with only one small convenient store, one or two cafes and a caravan park. Hence, you need to bring all your essential supplies with you or have to travel to the nearest town called Orbost, which is about 20 Km from Marlo.

Marlo , A tiny, peaceful village

All along the beautiful coastal line of Marlo, you can see the spectacular views of the Snowy river and the ocean. and I must say it’s place to be blessed with so much beauty and tranquility.

View of the Snowy river and the Southern ocean
Sunset by the river

snowy river estuary walk

Starting from Marlo, Snowy river estuary walk is a 5.1 Km easy walk along the estuary and coastal line. It provides enchanting elevated views of the snowy river mouth and beautiful beaches.

In many locations, well built board walks provides access from the estuary walk to the river banks and beaches. Along the way we can observe numerous types of wild plants, animals and birds.

A boardwalk along the Snowy river
walking paths and bridges on the estuary walk
Stairs from the main road leading to the estuary walk

Frenches narrows – a great view of the snowy river meeting the ocean

When driving from Marlo to Cape Conran, Frenches Narrows is one perfect location where you can get easy access to the estuary walk from the road by following the steps shown in the above photo. Well paved walking paths and bridges will bring you close to the beautiful nature all along way.

Area rich with wild plants

After following the path for about 15 minutes, you can reach this peaceful river bank where kids can have lots of fun on their own.

Kids playing by the river banks

Cape conran coastal park

About 18 Km away from Marlo is this Cape Conran Coastal park, which is a popular destination for cycling, walking , swimming and all kinds of water play activities. There are many picnic grounds for family & friends get-togethers and the park itself is very rich with beautiful and rare wild life. So, it’s a place that the whole family can enjoy doing what they love.

Well, that was just a few snap shots and a quick guide of beautiful Marlo and its surroundings.

Moreover, if you visit this place around Christmas time, don’t forget to see the spectacular fireworks show on the Christmas Eve in the near by town Orbost. I’m sure it’ll be a magical evening with all the cheers and love of a small community in a beautiful place.

Wish you all much happiness & take care! 🙂

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