Arther’s Seat – A Bird’s Eye View of the Beautiful Ocean

This is another favourite travel destination of my family for a quick weekend get away. Arther’s seat is a beautiful mountainous spot located on the Mornington peninsula which is about 85Km south-east of Melbourne.

Along the the way to the mountain top, there are several viewpoints to have a good look at all those breath taking views of the deep blue sea down below.

One viewpoint along the way to Arther’s seat


This gives a unique experience to the whole family to enjoy while catching the stunning views, all the way from the Arther’s seat summit to the base station in Dromana.

Eagle Gondola lift base station
A view from the the gondola lift
view of the blue ocean from the gondola lift

At the summit, there’s a lovely, little reserve to have picnic or just to enjoy some quiet time with nature.

A reserve at the Arther’s seat summit

On our return from Arther’s seat, we never miss going to the beach at Dromana pier, which is absolutely wonderful especially at sunset. There’s a good playground too for the active little ones to finish off their day with an extra boost.

Just to wind up my note, I must say, this is a lovely place that you can easily visit for a relaxing one day trip from Melbourne. Experience is really worth and you’ll love it. πŸ™‚

As always, Happy travelling and Take care! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Arther’s Seat – A Bird’s Eye View of the Beautiful Ocean

  1. I will never forget my first cable car ride. It was really unpleasant at first- specially when the trees beneath you start to become smaller. But every worry went away when the beautiful sight came into view. It was a wonderful experience, all in all. Great post!
    -Carlo, TGF

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