Who wouldn’t love a nice relaxing walk in a beautiful park? Well, in Melbourne there are so many wonderful parks to roam around to suit your every mood and setting.

Me and my family love spending time in a park especially during the weekend as it can do wonders to save us from the busy week just finished and to greet the new week more refreshingly.

I hope to share about my favourite parks in the upcoming posts of this blog and I hope that will bring a smile upon your face.

fitzroy Gardens

Located at the heart of Melbourne city, this park is one of the most historic and beautiful parks to visit.

My favourite things about this park are that it has a lovely set of walking paths , trees that change into different colours in every season and a splendid collection of flowers to brighten up your day. I’m sure, you would love to spend hours in this lovely garden but still it won’t be enough.

City view from above the tree tops
Beautiful garden monuments
Trees that change into different colours in Autumn
Along the walking paths

So those are some of the lovely captures at the Fitzroy gardens, in Melbourne. If you live in Melbourne or hope to visit one day, don’t forget to add this on to your trip diary as it can make your day.

lysterfield lake park

My next favourite park is located just about 30 Km south-east from Melbourne. With the stunning views of the lake and the surrounding, this is a great place for cycling as it offers 20 Km of cycling trails for the riders of all ages.

If cycling is not your thing, then you can walk on these trails which are flowing along different rocky , gravel and plantation landscapes, to give you an extra challenge on exercising. Also, it is good for canoeing and sailing in the lake for a different experience.

But, that ‘s not the best part of this lovely park , especially, if you are travelling with little kids under 5 years. It’s the Kangaroos and other wonderful wild life, that will attract the little ones mostly.

We were so excited see many Kangaroos jumping and hoping around in the banks of the lake and resting under the trees and bushes near by the lake.

At the sunset by the lake

So, over to you, fill your heart with appreciation and gratitude and spend some good times with your family in these lovely parks when you can.

As always, Happy travelling and take care! 🙂


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