Enchanting views at Phillip Island Nobbies boardwalk

Come along to the beautiful seaside with all your loved ones and here at Phillip Island, there’s a lot that the whole family can enjoy.

Phillip Island which is located about 147Km south-east from Melbourne, is a wonderful place for visiting even for a day trip.

There are plenty of things to see and do at Phillip Island, however, this time, I’m only sharing about the lovely seaside walk called the Nobbies Walk, that you can enjoy any time of the year.

Nobbies boardwalk

Nobbies boardwalk starts at the Nobbies Centre which is an information centre located at Point Grant on the western edge of Phillip Island.

While walking, we can witness the most spectacular views of the ocean and the surrounding area and you’ll love to be a part of the rich ecological system found here with many varieties of animal and bird species.

Cape Barren Goose is one such beautiful native bird found everywhere in Phillip Island. Also, you may be lucky enough to have a glimpse of cute little penguins hiding in burrows closer to the boardwalk. (and if you really want to see them up close, stay for the Penguin Parade nature event at night, which we too couldn’t see yet as my kids are still too young to stay at the beach at night where it is usually very cold)

A Cape Barren Goose family

In Phillip Island, wherever you look, you will be captivated by the enchanting views along the way. There are many lovely beaches such as Cowes beach, Smiths beach and safe beach, to play leisurely and catch the sun with the whole family.

Being refreshed after a nice walk by the sea, there’s more to see, if you drive along the scenic drive from Nobbies Centre to Penguin Parade centre.

Southpoint lookout and Summerland lookout are just so amazing on this route, to keep gazing at, especially during sunset hours.

This is just a few snapshots of beautiful Phillip Island that I’ve experienced. Hope to explore more and share more of its precious moments next time when I visit again.

Until then, I wish everyone, Happy travelling and Take care! 🙂

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