Lovely Memories at Werribee State Rose Garden and Open Range Zoo

Just about 32Km South-West of Melbourne, there is this lovely garden, named Victoria State Rose Garden, waiting to welcome its admirers to the most wonderful collection of roses. I’m sure, this can fill your heart with happiness instantly.

From September to January, Melbourne is usually blooming with many beautiful varieties of flowers and this is the best season, for visiting this amazing rose garden with your whole family.

This is a garden with well maintained garden beds, grass lawns and many other beautiful gardening monuments to make feel your time spent at the garden so special and relaxing. Even my little kids enjoyed walking around this rose garden admiring the roses of all shades of the rainbow.

Werribee open range zoo

Next to the rose garden is this very special zoo, that you can enjoy guilt-free, as the animals are not kept in cages, instead they can freely roam around the space.

So it helps to build a good connection with the wild life while learning to value and protect the precious animals. However, there are safety barriers and divided sections where necessary to keep some distance from the dangerous wild life species, to ensure the safety of the zoo visitors.

This is an African themed zoo, so we can mostly see the animals that live in Africa and the artefacts that resemble an African village.

There’s a free guided safari tour that you can take in this zoo , and will definitely be loved by the young and elderly alike.

Gorrilla at a distance
Play area for the little ones

So, as you can see, these two attractions in Werribee, will make your holiday really worthwhile and enjoyable.

If you are looking for a really nice place for a day trip with your loved ones in Spring and Summer months in Melbourne, this is the trip for you.

Happy travelling & Take care 🙂

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